Anthony Dofal

PhD student

Structure and dynamic of the lithosphere around La Réunion hotspot

Supervisors : Laurent MICHON and Fabrice R. FONTAINE

address :Laboratoire GéoSciences Réunion - IPGP
            Université de la Réunion
            15, Avenue René Cassin, CS92003
            97744 Saint Denis messagerie cedex 9 La Réunion

phone: +262 (0)262 93 82 24


La Réunion island is the current surface expression of La Réunion hotspot. 65 Ma ago this hotspot was at the origin of the Deccan's trapps. 

We do not know what is the impact of the mantle plume on the lithosphere in La Réunion Island area. This is under the scope of my PhD. We aims to constrain the structure and the dynamic on the lithosphere around La Réunion Hotspot. To do this we going to use two differents methods : seismic receiver functions (RFs) and seismic reflection.

First, data used for RFs are recorded during the RHUM-RUM experiment by a network of 57 seismological seafloor sensors (OBS) deployed during one year in the southwest of the Indian Ocean and seismometers deployed on the Scattered Islands (10 stations).

Secondly, we going to use data provided by the FOREVER project. This oceanographic campaign allow the acquisition of 12,200 km of hight-resolution seismic reflection profiles.

These data going to help us to imaged the structure of the oceanic crust and the lithospheric mantle.