Workshop RHUM-RUM, Cité du Volcan, Bourg Murat, La Réunion, 29 aout – 2 septembre 2016 : list of présentations


Villeneuve, N.; The Piton de la Fournaise recent volcanic activity.

Ferrazzini, V.; Seismic activity of La Réunion island and the Catalogs and Bulletins from the OVPF.

Peltier, A.; Contribution of GNSS to monitor and understand Piton de la Fournaise

BOUDOIRE, G., Y.-A. BRUGIER, A. DI MURO, G. WÖRNER, I. ARIENZO, N. METRICH, L. MICHON, M. PICHAVANT, V. ZANON,; Deep plumbing system and magma transfers at Piton de la Fournaise (La Réunion Island, Indian Ocean): A petrological and geochemical approach.

Famin, V.; Magmatism and tectonics of Piton des Neiges volcano (La Réunion).

Michon, L.; Cenozoic volcanism of East Africa and western Indian Ocean: Mantle plumes and lithospheric deformation.

Bissessur, D., J. Dyment & C. Deplus; New constraints on the age and structure of the oceanic lithosphere around the Mascarene.

Deplus, C., D. Bissessur & J. Dyment; Past and present volcanism around La Reunion: insights from submarine volcanic structures.

Gaina, C.; Oceanic crust formation in the Egeria Fracture Zone Complex.

Dyment, J., C. Deplus & D. Bissessur ; Rise and fall of an Island: the Mauritius case.

Simon Stähler, Mechita Schmidt-Aursch, Wolfgang Roeder; A self-noise model of OBS in the German DEPAS pool.

Scholz, J.-R., G. Barruol, F.R. Fontaine; Determining OBS orientations on the ocean floor from P and Rayleigh-waves polarization.

Crawford, W., Nicolas Leroy, Alessandro Mazzullo, Martha Deen and Eleonore Stutzmann; Removing the INSU-IPGP BBOBS glitches.

Sarah Hable, Céline Hadziioannou, Karin Sigloch; Correction of clock errors in seismic data using ambient seismic noise.

Tsekhmistrenko, M., K. Sigloch, K. Hosseini; Multi-Frequency measurements and common corrections of P waves on ocean bottom seismometers.

Igel, H.; Towards a 7-C OBS system for seismology.

Hable, S., Karin Sigloch, Valérie Ferrazzini; Localization of widespread seismicity on La Réunion.

Miller, S.; Fluid-driven aftershocks and Omori’s Law.

Crawford, W., Martha Deen, Eleonore Stutzmann; Seafloor compliance at the RHUM-RUM sites.

Rindraharisaona, E.J., F. Tilmann, X. Yuan, G. Rümpker, J. Giese, G. Rambolamanana; Crustal structure of southern Madagascar from receiver functions and ambient noise correlation: implications for the crustal evolution.

Montagner, J.P.; What is a plate? LAB beneath oceanic and continental plates.

Singh,M., Georg Rümpker; Seismicity, seismic discontinuities and mantle anisotropy of Mauritius and Mascarene regions.

Fontaine, F.R., J.R. Scholz, G. Barruol, G. Rümpker, I. Wölbern; Lithosphere structure around La Réunion hotspot from receiver functions at few RHUM-RUM OBS stations. Preliminary results.

Mazzullo, A., Eléonore Stutzmann; "Surface wave Tomography beneath La Réunion Island from RHUM-RUM experiment data".

Scholz, J.-R., G. Barruol, F.R. Fontaine; Anisotropy pattern in the Western Indian Ocean from SKS-splitting measurement.

Reiß, A-S, Christine Thomas ; Upper mantle seismic discontinuities beneath the Indian Ocean.

Tsekhmistrenko, M., K. Sigloch, K. Hosseini, G. Barruol; Towards finite frequency tomography of mantle structure beneath the La Reunion hot spot.

Hosseini, K., Karin Sigloch, Simon Staehler, Tarje Nissen-Meyer, Heiner Igel; Global multiple-frequency seismic tomography using teleseismic and core-diffracted body waves.

Mahammadzaheri, A., Karin Sigloch; To what extent could a plume under La Réunion be tomographically visible?

Minakov, A., Carmen Gaina & Jan Inge Faleide; Crustal thickness in the west Indian Ocean using gravity inversion.

Tommasi, A. Christel Tiberi; What can joint gravity and seismology inversion tell us about lithospheric structure?

Steinberger, B., Eva Bredow, René Gassmöller, Juliane Dannberg; Why there is a plume from the lowermost mantle rising under La Réunion (and not somewhere else).

Bredow, E., Bernhard Steinberger, René Gassmöller, Juliane Dannberg; Geodynamic models of the Réunion mantle plume.

Agrusta,R., Andrea Tommasi, Diane Arcay, Alicia Gonzalez , Anne Davaille, Neil Ribe and Taras Gerya; Partial melting and small-scale convection in a plume-fed sublithospheric layer beneath fast-moving plates.

Rümpker, G., Manav Singh; SplitRace: a semi automated tool for shear wave splitting.

Farnetani, C.G., T. Duvernay, A. Limare, A.W. Hofmann; Dynamics of mantle plumes carrying viscous and/or denser heterogeneities.

Werner, S.C., Steinberger, B. and Rolf, T.; Plumes on Other Planets.

Stutzmann, E.; The composition of broadband noise in the indian ocean.

Deen, M., Eleonore Stutzmann; Seismic noise recordings in the Indian Ocean: a focus on hum.

Barruol, G., C. Davy, F.R. Fontaine, E. Stutzmann, K. Sigloch; Microseismic noise swell signature from the RHUM-RUM data.

Andrianasolo, R., Gérard Rambolamanana, Jaona Andriamampandry; Malagasy seismic permanent stations, cyclon detectability and diurnal noise study.

Snelling, B., Karin Sigloch, Guilhem Barruol, and Valérie Ferrazzini; Comparing hydroacoustic and T-phases from terrestrial and ocean-bottom recordings around La Réunion Island, Indian Ocean.

Geay, B., Alexandre Bouillon, Richard Dreo, Guilhem Barruol, Fabrice Fontaine, Karin Sigloch and John Scholz; Ship noise in the RHUM-RUM data.

Royer, JY, E Leroy, E Tsang-Hin-Sun, J. Bonnel & F. Samaran; Ambiant noise and blue whales in the austral Indian Ocean.

Wenner, M., Guilhem Barruol, Heiner Igel and Joachim Wassermann; Whale Detections from RHUM-RUM Ocean Bottom Seismic Observations.

Gonzalez, A., F.R. Fontaine, A. Burtin, G. Barruol, A. Recking, J.-L. Join, E. Delcher; Monitoring sediment transport during cyclones from seismic noise in two rivers of La Réunion Island.